Conducting court disputes often involves paying a hefty price and waiting for a very long time for the final resolution of the court. What is more, it may lead to the deterioration of the co-operation, or even its termination. Taking care of positive business relations built throughout the years often induces entrepreneurs to search for an alternative way of solving the disputes. One of such solutions are mediations.

Mediations may be just as useful for entrepreneurs as for individuals not engaged in business activity in resolving civil, neighbour and family disputes. They are a perfect solution especially in cases when both sides of the dispute want to retain healthy relations, which could have deteriorated if a long, stressful and expensive court trial had been conducted.

During mediations both sides of the dispute voluntarily take part in negotiations assisted by the neutral third party, the mediator. In effect, the sides can reach an agreement which may be granted court enforcement clause which, in turn, may lead to enforcement procedures. The conditions of the agreement are agreed upon by the sides of the dispute.

In order to meet our Clients' expectations we conduct mediations in civil, commercial and labour cases.

While conducting mediations Partners of the Legal Counsels’ Office create opportunities for the sides to resolve the dispute amicably. The mediations are confidential which means that the mediator is obliged not to disclose any information pertaining to the mediations. Moreover, while conducting the mediations Partners of the Legal Counsels’ Office do not represent any of the sides, they are entirely impartial. The aim of mediations is to reach an agreement which is satisfying for both parties, and the role of the mediator is to facilitate this process.

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